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In my previous blog, we went through the fundamentals in Data Analysis. Python has plenty of libraries which aid in analyzing the data in depth. Features are critical in a data set as in Machine Learning when we are trying to find a pattern between the features. Now comes the question, what is a dependent variable and independent variable? Just like it sounds dependent variable is the output of the process and independent variable is the input to the process. …

There is a hidden pattern behind every data. The power of machine learning is to find that hidden pattern and use it to make predictions. Python has good libraries which can be used for EDA. What is EDA (Exploratory data analysis)? Just like how you think of the abbreviation, it sounds as if it is an approach to analyze the data to understand the underlining structure using different visualizing technique.

Before I start, I would like to give you a brief introduction on the scope of work. You could find the data set here. First, we will learn how to…

Rayon Susan Koshy

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